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Focus on Engineering, Manufacturing, Science, Statistics:
Database, .NET Core, Web and Microsoft® Office based solutions.

The Tools You Use Everyday

Your people, your processes, your raw concepts and your functioning tools are the starting point to define and execute your roadmap to the future. We transform your resources to realize genuine change, making your data accessible, actionable, yet confined.

Over 25 years of experience providing technical and engineering tools for a variety of industries and markets... Often starting with an application that once worked great but now is in need of some "TLC" (attention). Through that time, we compiled a library of solutions for common features and problems encountered for Microsoft and data analysis products including Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, Word, and SQL Server.

The lure of desktop tools stems from tremendous flexibility and independence that isn't always appropriate to give up. These are mechanisms for creativity, data “computational” insight to productivity or process that is essential to your business. These tools are often hidden away on a single desktop for one reason or another. Don't lose them, use them!

The power of Web-based tools is the ability to collaborate, to reach customers wherever and whenever they ask, with consistency that is hard to match. We'll help develop your business requirements when it is time to web-enable your processes and capture more data to yield information and agility.

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Tool, Process, Improvements

Custom Software and Processes

... Microsoft Excel based Solutions

Extra Workbook Protection:
Use workbooks IN your Organization, Not Outside (no password needed)

Summarize, aggregate, Export related cells
from different tabs

See Math as artwork. (Free)

... File Automation

Put Workbook data into Documents

Summarize, aggregate, Export related cells
from different tabs

Data Capture:
Move data from workbooks to Db

About our Solutions

We add mature code, techniques and patterns into your business tools for rapid feature introduction.

About our Products

Our products give you visibility to find and make adjustments efficiently so you can move on with your business. They can also be fun.

About Our Services

We provide services ranging from requirements discovery and definition through development, test and deployment of custom web and desktop solutions.