Jim and his wife, DonnaLee, formed ToolSleuth, LLC to effectively address needs to discover, consolidate and use information which organizations already own but are distributed throughout technology assets (Tools). Often these tools must be 'reverse engineered', hence the 'Sleuth' part and the rationale for maintaining a variety of computers, servers and network assets.

Soon, it became apparent that once restored to working order, additional features were beneficial: Importing from one tool to another; data capture into a central database; maintaining the privacy of formula's / techniques / data / statistics; transferring spreadsheet results into editable documents. All of these have been done in a wide range of industries for purposes varying from facility audits, engineering calculations, Utility bill compilations, Utility Tariff comparison, logistics, project resource management & schedules, Gantt charts...

James J. Hayes

Jim brings a blend of Mechanical and Software Engineering to bear on the work of building efficient business process automation. After working his way through college and completing a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, he joined GE in its Manufacturing Management Program. Program rotations brought him into Locomotive services (yes, an engineer who has driven a train), and major appliances.

Accepting a position in a business unit which later became part of Lockheed Martin Space Systems, he held various Individual Contributor and Management positions in Manufacturing and Quality for electronics, machined parts and final assemblies. While there, he did post graduate coursework at Penn State in the field of Engineering Science, Software Engineering.

Jim joined Johnson Controls in the capacity of Program Manager serving as a Business Liaison to Information Technology for the Services business and earlier, for Energy and performance guarantee monitoring.

Since leaving Johnson Controls, he has been dedicated to the development of ToolSleuth, LLC Products and Services. He often uses 'MainSleuth' as his screen name for reviews and on various forums.


Photo of Jim Hayes