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Physical Attributes and relationships in a virtual world

Match the relationships found in the engineers real world with those in the virtual world.

  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • MySQL

...any of these

Custom solution
having standard schema parts


Excel is flexible. It uses logic, formulas, data; it handles complexity; and it is ubiquitous... available to 1.2 Billion Microsoft Office Users around the globe.

There is more to Excel than you would expect. It handles

  • Raw Data that Engineers use to model, design, refer to
  • Tradeoffs & What-ifs before investing in a detail design and model
  • Statistics, imaginary and complex numbers...

Your needs are met thru Excel's native capability coupled with techniques and code modules proven over decades of experience.

Excel 2010 and above*

Custom Solution

Web applications

Consistency 24x7 around the globe ...

Useful for information delivery & visualization, making requests, and uncomplicated tasks

Client side: Browsers

Server Side: Microsoft technologies centric

Custom Solution

* Includes Microsoft Office 2016 products