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Data 4 Docs

Create and Update your Microsoft Word Document from and Microsoft Excel Source file in 1-click

Useful for tasks that use a new file or template to capture & analyze data that has parts copied into a document based on Microsoft Word. Examples are estimates / proposals, or data analysis / reports, where there is double entry.

Office 2010 or above*

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Need to translate your spreadsheet or make it look more consistent?

This is the tool to make your labels, formula's, headings data validation, chart titles, button labels - just about any text found in a Microsoft Excel file - consistent or simplify the translation. It will create a list of phrases that are used in the target file, and then does a 1-for-1 swap when the replacement phrase list (translation) is ready.

Excel 2010 or above*


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Use Excel to explore the fractal world.

Get a feel for pixels, RGB colors and the complex plane... Generate a fractal image by either click & zoom-in, or select and recreate a named image you saved earlier. We use it for testing our Excel based products. Looks great onviewed with one or more widescreen monitor(s)!

Excel 2010 or above*

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* Includes Microsoft Office 2016 products