You've Got It, Use It!

Our Mission is to Provide...

... User Power through discovery, enhancement or troubleshooting the solutions you already have in your business or on your desktop/laptop.

... Process Power by crafting the new tools our customers need.

More than 20 years of industry experience reflecting Mechanical / Manufacturing Engineering expertise, making tools perform efficiently for:

  • Energy Modeling and Monitoring tools
  • Building Services
  • Service Estimating
  • Six Sigma
  • Quality Systems
  • Non-Conformance Management Systems

We understand the value of honestly evaluating what you have in place today, defining the goals, objectives and measures, and then charting your course forward.

Real work isn't always done where and when a web connection is available. We also know that you have tremendous treasure in the tools your people use to accomplish their day to day responsibilities. Therefore, it is essential to master how these function together and develop business requirements to support a business case aligned to your business plan.