You've Got It, Use It!

New! Version 2.0

(release date 11/29/2016)

Using Excel® for generating Images? You must be Crazy... Yup.

... until you see that we really use the file for testing purposes. Originally created in 1995 to kick the tires on the new Microsoft® Products of the day (Microsoft® Office 95, Windows® 95), we've found that it helps us get a handle on each new release.

The FractalTraveller allows you to explore the Mandelbrot set using translate and zoom in/out actions. The image is not generated using cell formulas, but by assigning each cell a color, as though it is a pixel in the image.
Among other features, you also can name and save the key parameters to recreate an image, change the color palette and create different schemes (rules) for how any color on the palette is used.

New for 2.0:

  • Save as an Image (gif, jpg)
  • More intuitive 'Scheme' definition, with more slots to assign colors
  • Shows Progress as the artwork is generated. (not click & hope)
  • More information displayed when 'Show Coordinates' is selected
  • Tab to tab information windows to guide you (AND these can be turned off)
  • and a few other enhancements to make it easier to use

This product is intended for use with Microsoft® Office 2013 and above for Windows®.

Sorry, it is not tested for use with Microsoft® Office for the Macintosh®.

Image Samples

Same Point
Different Schemes


Green Swirl

Green Swirl showing graduated colors of the Hi Detail Scheme


Festive display of what could be Evergreen trees

"Hi-Detail' Scheme

Default Image zoomed in 1x using the Scheme named 'Hi Detail'

Contrast Band Scheme

Default Image zoomed in 1x using a Scheme with alternating bands of Color / Black

Version 2.0 (Default)

V 2.0 Default with HiDetail Scheme

Version 1.1 (Default)

Default View from FractalTraveller.1.1.Original

Technical Details

Use at your own risk. This product is not supported beyond the information presented on this web site.


This is a free, licensed product. Please acknowledge that the source is ToolSleuth, LLC.