You've Got It, Use It!

What have We Worked On?

Resources & Data Use

  • Customized ad-hoc reports against a modified WHMcS installation (MySQL)
  • Converted over 100 client websites into updated (Joomla! / Gantry) responsive templates. There is nothing like the frontline of customer service.
  • Developed a multi part design application to evaluate existing and proposed cost/benefits; create BOM‘s (Bill of Materials) and detailed room by room changes.
    • Harvested data from Microsoft Excel into SQL Server Db and synchronize with other Excel based tools.
  • Developed ‘What-If‘ energy calculations application for building systems or equipment incorporating 8760 hours, multi-fuel time of day tariffs, actual and TMY weather data.
  • Characterized a large data set into National, International and Regional Benchmark statistics for Energy Consumption
  • Tweaked Excel files and templates to confine usage to the enterprise, department or machine.
  • SQL Server reporting for real-time energy related KPI‘s (Key Performance Indicators).
  • Provided high level comparative tools for energy consumption against statistical data
  • Web + database system for project/product management from proposal thru delivery
  • Provided distributed but coordinated system (Several enterprises) to
    • Capture many Facility audits into one design file;
    • Use many design files & user driven reports; then consolidate designs to one;
    • Estimate benefits, costs; w/selections for materials, labor
    • Initiate proposal document with provision to independently edit either, then synch back to proposal
  • Aligned toolset to sales process.
  • Online Ordering System. Consolidated duplicate web ordering systems into a single online ordering system with web site for internal and external customers.
  • Call Centers, North America. Consolidated personnel, IT, and telecommunication infrastructure.
  • Field Service Management Systems consolidation - Merge customers, features and information from an unsupported system into an existing, supported system.
  • Dispatch Communications: Expand dispatch, status, escalation and emergency messaging capability to internal and external service providers using most communications technologies.
  • Devised simple manpower forecast tools for a low volume, high tech manufacturing environment
  • Re-Energized and completed a stalled project for calibration records. Legacy system retired without data loss.

Process Improvement

  • Design, develop, test and deploy a simple to use desktop toolset that flows information through an estimating spreadsheet and into a set of proposal and financial documents. Keep electronic files independent, yet maintain parent/child relationships for traceability requirements.
  • Define an improved Configuration Management process and system to reduce cycle time and efficiently discover specification exceptions and resolution
  • Lead Continuous Process Improvement initiatives (predecessor to Six Sigma).

Workforce Improvement

  • Converted a hierarchal shop organization into a work team structure.
  • Mobility - Define handheld implementation strategy to minimize investment risk and confirm implementation and benefits for a truck based field service organization.

Manufacturing Engineering

  • Capital Equipment projects - Define, get funded, and put into production for defense program delivery commitments of multilayer printed wire boards, with unique soldering and brazing needs.
  • Producibility evaluation for bid / no-bid and subsequent proposal generation for request to rebuild 30 yr old legacy hardware.