Domain Acceptance

You've Got It, Use It!

Extra Workbook Protection (non-native) = Domain Acceptance

Plug casual loss of Intellectual Property

Your Microsoft Excel based files hold Your Data, Your Formula's, and support Your Business Processes. They can tell about your business; even competitive information.
They need protection.

DomainAcceptance techniques put a fence around your valuable Microsoft Excel Applications so they run within your environment but not on others.
What is special about these techniques?

  • Applications are permitted to work when validation criteria are met at file open
  • Convenience is maintained without shared passwords

If the criteria aren't met, then

  • Action is taken so circumvention must be deliberate.
  • Inadvertent disclosure is thwarted

While no method or technique is completely foolproof or immune to an intentional, deliberate attack, DomainAcceptance eliminates casual sharing and reduces the potential attack surface.

From a Client...

... travelled to a conference with a former co-worker now working at a competitor. They had been given a rough draft of a workbook to comment on before we had locked it down with DomainAcceptance. They proceeded to show me how they had adapted the unlocked draft and now are using it in [the employers] business....

Domain Acceptance Now Stops Further Leaks

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