The Better Drive

You've Got It, Use It!

Better: A Key to Realize More

The word ‘better’ implies there is more to be gained, more to be realized. You have a process, an application, or software tool that works (or worked, as the case may be).

‘Best’ conveys that the game is over. Nothing more is to be done. The best rest on laurels, only to be outdone by competition, seeking to better themselves.

How is this useful?

A ‘Better’ decision can be made earlier as ‘better’ Questions are asked: “What If…?” Or “What did …?”

  • ‘Better’ Questions invariably are answered by ‘better’ information.
  • ‘Better’ Information means you have ‘Better’ data at hand (not 3 months from now)
  • ‘Better’ data undoubtedly exists in documents and spreadsheets copied from one request to the next. (Napkins and whiteboards excluded). It is tedious to get ‘better’ data out of these, even from a well-regulated repository, and even if you use Interns. Somehow, you have to “Use What You Got…”

For example, to realize the ‘better’ goal for spreadsheet based tools, we have a progressive system of requirements that we implement:

  1. Security: Workbooks must function only within a designated environment – no sense having ‘better’ data escape
  2. Portability: Workbook Data must move into document(s), and refresh those documents as the user initiates
  3. Availability: Workbook data must be moved into a Database;

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