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Curb casual outflow of Intellectual Capital

So much information is contained wihin an Excel Workbook: data, formulas, processes, limits, relationships ... Implementing this collection of techniques and code will allow your valuable Microsoft Excel applications to run on your machines, but not on any others.

  • Applications are permitted to work if qualification criteria are met when the file is being opened.

  • Convenience is maintained - no passwords need to be shared throughout the organization

Microsoft Excel 2010 or above*

Custom Solution


Easily flatten and export data that is captive within your Microsoft Excel workbooks?

The data in a spreadsheet is disjointed, broken apart and usually must be transformed in some way to make it accessible to one or more systems. This solution permits a user to select and create an export from any number that have been defined. It is an extensible solution.

Microsoft Excel 2010 or above*

Custom Solution

Create and Update your Microsoft Word Document from a Microsoft Excel Source file in 1-click

Useful for tasks that use a new file or template to capture & analyze data that has parts copied into a document based on Microsoft Word. Examples are estimates / proposals, or data analysis / reports, where there is double entry.

Microsoft Office 2010 or above*

Custom Solution

* Includes Microsoft Office 2016 products