You've Got It, Use It!

Do these Issues Sound Familiar:

  • Data integrity? Data Accuracy?
  • Confusion over 'what's the latest'?
  • Cycle Time & Efficiency?


Suffering from the routine

"'Copy from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet'
'Paste into a Microsoft Word Document' "

What if you could open a Microsoft Word based document, and right-click to get all of your updates? Or to change the source of the data from one Microsoft Excel File to another one? Or completely sever the source connection? We can do that for you!

We Can Help!

Called the Data4Docs solution, it is useful for repetitive tasks that use a new or recycled Microsoft Excel file to capture & analyze data that is then copied into a document based on Microsoft Word. Some examples are:

  • Estimates / Proposals, or
  • Data analysis / Reports
  • Schedule / Variance / Status Reporting
  • Action Item List / Roll Up Reports

What We Do

We work with you to identify the fields or tables of data that need to be updated from the Microsoft Excel Source file. Once we know where the data needs to be matched up, we prepare both the source spreadsheet and the Microsoft Word based document with the Data4Docs features. Finally we'll walk you through the solution. Typically the only macro code added is in the final document; however, we can also provide features in the Microsoft Excel file to create the documents right from the spreadsheet.

Typically a fixed price is available when there are less than 50 fields & tables and the document is less than 50 pages before data is inserted.

Technical Details
The Excel Files must be based from the same template or form. Once created, as a Data4Docs pair, either document may be edited. Of course, removing a source cell from the Microsoft Excel file cuts off the update.

Give us a call 262-923-7201 or use the 'Contact Us' form and we'll discuss how to make it work for you..