Independent Software Vendor (ISV) - The Road I Travelled, Process Bullets

After some deliberation, the recommendation to list the processes named in the 3-part Process blog entries in a single, grouped list was taken to heart. Here is the list plus a couple other topics that I haven't encountered. Promarily because I haven't had to deal with them. You may, however. The parenthetical number is the number from the 3 part blog series. Items 1 - 15 are from part 1; 16 - 23 from part 2 & the balance from part 3.

(1) Kernel of a Product (that works)

(29) Market Research

(24) Software Development process

(22) Preventing Software Entropy

(4) How will I protect my beloved creation?

(19) Software Registration and EULA’s

(9) Create a Setup Program

(27) The Beloved Product’s behavior

(18) Test environment for the setup program

(2) User testing, emphasis on User

(3) Where will I keep all of these great ideas, strange behaviors, issues and bugs?

(5) Government requirements, taxes

(10) The User manual

(6) What Names shall I use?

(7) A Website, eventually.

(8) Domain Registrar

(16) Web hosting company

(17) Email addresses

(30) Website Content

(11) Graphical Design

(32) User Tracking Database

(31) Web Statistics

(12) Phone number

(14) The Business Banking Account

(15) Merchant Account and Credit Processing

(13) ‘Chart of Accounts’

(25) Product Purchase Process

(26) Getting Paid

(35) 24/7 Customer Service

(28) Time and Expense Record

(23) Password Management

(33) Tax Filings and Forms

(21) “A Free Moment”

(34) More Learning

Unmentionables: Investors… Employees…

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