Independent Software Vendor (ISV) - The Road I Travelled, Processes Part 2

Well, part 2, the gooey middle. Just where is this in The Process? That would be testing Dave's patience as he (still) awaits a Setup Program for The Beloved Product. He can try your patience as well since you have a business phone and are now feeling official with your trusty LLC and brand-spanking new bank account (with the minimum balance of course).

How nice, the (16) Web hosting company makes it real easy to setup any number of (17) email addresses, then get your messages through a simple http:/ link. Later, you will understand that you need to encrypt these connections, and decide to change all of your email identities and passwords. After doing this, you will discover that the convenient html tag (‘mailto’) is gleefully harvested by spammers. Before you know it, you have relatives in Nigeria pleading for help and a large contingent of offers to help with all manner of life you thought were rather private. You decide that you now need to change all of that stuff once again.

But then, focus here: a Setup Program is still needed so that Dave (and a few others who heard of the external backup drive) can get you some feedback. The goal yields to persistence; it is created. You send it via email to Dave. He never gets it. Seems the email filter stopped your message cold because it’s too large. Back to the web site’s File Manager to create a few folders and stuff the setup program in one of them. Dave installs it, can’t find the program to start it. Your Wife goes to bed before you, so Her Uncontaminated Laptop volunteers as (18) a test environment for the setup program.

Good ideas flow from Dave and the Testing Cohort. Great ideas, even. Some of these people, though, are using Your Beloved Product for things never imagined. Some have let their friends have it. How do you know this? Because the feedback email comes from sources unknown. (Landing in your email via the mailto that you setup, remember? For weeks now, you have been weeding out the ideas from incredibly personal advertisements.) Thus you realize that (19) Software Registration and EULA’s are not just a panicky lawyer and evil marketing scheme. In fact, they even matter anytime the Beloved Creation is in the hands of those you love. So, you take the easy way out and delete the file from the den of folders loosely described as a web-site. A quick look at your Web site traffic statistics shows a huge number of errors for robots.txt and favicon.ico. Your Website must be tingling some kid of (20) Internet Search Term nerve. That thought is filed away for future intrigue when there is (21) “A Free Moment”.

A Free Moment is a fictional concept; this you will discover should you run across that margin note 3 years in the future. Unless, you have already been educated on that concept by Children. It is time to prioritize and decide what (not IF) revisions are necessary to the Beloved Product. You open up your trusty IDE only to discover that it has Updates pending. Update away – no time like the present.

Windows.Forms.PresentationFoundation.Universal.iOS.AppleMac.Android. Say WHAT? You discover that while collecting crucial feedback, the world has changed. Adding insult is that an account is needed before you can look at your Beloved Product Code. Say WHAT Again? The whole notion of (22) Preventing Software Entropy has just blown a hole in your plans to take over the world – and the world doesn’t even know The Beloved Product is needed. Staying current in technology has bubbled to the surface, so logins to a myriad of sites purporting to be technology sites are created and carefully entered into (23) Password Management.

To be continued…
(yes, its also already written)

© 2017 James J Hayes

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