FractalTraveller 2.0 Released!


New features in this free Microsoft® Excel®-based Fractal Image Generator

New Berlin, Wisconsin, January 23, 2017– FractalTraveller, a free application by ToolSleuth, LLC, now permits full use of the rows and columns available in the modern versions of Excel, Tab-by-tab “What is this?” information, faster image generation, and more intuitive, richer color assignment experience.

“This fun tool demonstrates graphic concepts and puts complex math puzzles within the reach of many people. More importantly, it illustrates the fundamentals necessary to make any tool usable to a broad audience.”

The FractalTraveller allows you to explore the Mandelbrot set using translate and zoom in/out actions. Enhancing the ability to save the settings that generate an image, is the New Feature to save the image to a graphic file (gif, jpg). With faster response, we increased the iteration limit and made larger images possible; then we added more information for the artist to see progress as the image generates and the depths of the series are explored.

At ToolSleuth, Your people, your processes, your raw concepts and your functioning tools are the starting point to define and execute your roadmap to the future. We transform your resources to realize genuine change, making your data accessible, actionable, yet confined.

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